The objective of this page is to update our position as often as possible, this is obviously dependent on internet access. We have advised our children and close friends, our plan is to keep this page at least one month out of date so they do not know our true whereabouts!

Route Listing 2021 Summary

The year of 2020 has been determined by Covid-19, it has been the same for the whole world and every one in it! At least we begin this year with vaccines in place? We see in 2021 on board Sailaway in Carloforte, our base since September 2016. With Covid still firmly impacting all, this year we remain with an open mind as to what can be done? Our plan is to return to the UK in January for as least time possible, then return and have Sailaway lifted out in Cagliari.

Covid changed our plans, we continued to "hide away in Sardinia" delaying our return to the UK. We achieved Sailaway's lift-out in mid April and work began, unfortunately Lisa, our eldest daughter took seriously ill and we hurried to return to the UK and look after in her final time with us. With our Lisa final put to rest, we eventually refocus and return to Sailaway to complete the required work.



Please use the following links to join us with our travels both by road and sea:


Nautical Sea Miles, Carloforte to Cagliari February 21.

Road miles, the return to the UK, May 21.

Road miles, the return from the UK to Cagliari, Sardinia, October 21.

Road miles, the return to UK from Cagliari, Sardinia, October 21.







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