The objective of this page is to update our position as often as possible, this is obviously dependant on internet access. We have advised our children and close friends, our plan is to keep this page at least one month out of date so they do not know our true whereabouts!

Route Listing 2017 Summary

This year (2017), our plan is to drive to Sailaway once again, our road trip to Turkey (2013) has many great memories, we plan to make this journey just as interesting. We begin 6th April with a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam, spending 6-8 weeks, or perhaps more, crossing Europe. Our route is flexible, we have a number of destinations defined, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A ferry over to Corsica then onto Sardinia. Once back to Sailaway we will leave the car in the marina and sail somewhere? We will return back to the UK by road in September via a different route yet to be determined?


Please use the following links to join us with our travels both by road and sea:


Over land from the UK to Carloforte, Isola de San Pietro, SW Sardinia. (6th April till 2nd June).


Route Listing, Sailing/Nautical Miles. (2nd June till 9th October).


Over land from Carloforte, Isola de San Pietro, SW Sardinia, back to the UK. (10th October till 13th October).




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