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Route Listing 2013 (Over land, from Kas, Turkey to the UK)

This year (2013), we drove to Sailaway in Kas, Turkey, as autumn approaches it is time to return back to the UK for our yearly visit. Ann and I had planned to return via a much more northerly route, through Romania, Austria etc but our circumstances have changed. Unfortunately, Ann had to fly back at short notice because her mum took ill, she is in good form now but we have two issues:

  • The car is stamped into my passport and I can only leave Turkey by that method.
  • The car can only stay in Turkey legally for a period of up to six months, it's time is up!

The bottom line is, due to circumstances I will have to make the return trip on my own, a long 3000 miles and the most direct route. I plan to record the journey but it will not be an "adventure" as such, just a long drive, the route will take me from Turkey through Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium and France - thanks for reading.



Total distance traveled by road from Kas, Turkey to the UK.


(Note - Recorded mileage includes "local mileage" at that place)

Distance Traveled
(Nautical miles)
7th October
730 + Ferry
United Kingdom
4th October
Lörrach, Germany
3rd October
Wangen im Allgäu. Luftkurort, Germany.
2nd October
Ljubljana, Slovenia
1st October
Dragoman, Bulgaria
30th September
Pamukova, Turkey
29th September
Kas , Turkey





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