The Sailaway Logbook 2021



We see the close of 2020 and the start of 2021 on board Sailaway in Carloforte, our base since September 2016. The year of 2020 has seen the world devastated by Covid-19, a global epidemic, a virus that is now mutating and creating further global devastation. The positive aspect is that vaccines are coming to play and are being rolled out in many countries through out the world. We do wonder how the poorer countries will utilise the vaccines, the purchase and mass roll out the more effluent countries have already started?

As far as our plans for 2021, with such uncertainty, who knows what travel restrictions will be in place? We begin January in an enforced "Red Zone" to cover the holiday period, January 7th we return to "Yellow" where travel between areas of Sardinia are again allowed. We have to return to the UK in January, we shall spend the least time possible in the UK, but with quarantine and the things we have to do afterwards, one to two months could be realistic?

When we do return we will take Sailaway to Cagliari, have her lifted out and cosmetically brought up to "as we like her". The rest of the year will depend on a number of factors, all relating to Covid - 19 at present. As we are now Italian Residents there is no time restraints on our time in Italy so we wait, with open minds as to literally "what is possible?"

Kevin is still awaiting some spinal work but due to Covid-19 postponed for still an unknown period, again, we will just take things as they come?



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