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IV - October 2021, we return from the UK to Sailaway (Cagliari, Sardinia). Three weeks later we are heading back to the UK, too soon, too many problems!


Well, with Lisa at peace in her final resting place as were her wishes we decide we need to turn our attention back to Sailaway, a welcome distraction we thought. We had quickly attempted to "weather proof" Sailaway as best we could back in May when we left for Lisa. We were clearly unsure as to how she has survived the last five months? Whatever state Sailaway is in, the "distraction" will clearly be welcome, "Just another job to be done!" as I describe it? With both of us fully vaccinated, and armed with our Italian Residency our return, following the required protocols should be fairly straight forward, our residency allowing us to remain as long as we wish! We have a couple of wishes, firstly to have Sailaway afloat and back to Carloforte before Christmas, and, secondly to return to the UK January/February to have our Covid-19 booster.


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III Sailaway Logbook 2021 - The work continues on Sailaway in the boatyard.




It is difficult to put words to this log, the pictures are a painful reminder as to how we failed to settle back into the work required to once again get Sailaway afloat and ready for more adventures. As stated the trip had been, or rather was believed to be, a much needed distraction from the disastrous last 6 months, the caring of Lisa until the very end at her home as she wished. It is now required, we believe that we shelve everything and gather our thoughts as where or what happens next!


Log Entry Thursday 28th October - We visit Porto di Alghero on the way to our ferry at Porto Torres.










Log Entry Wednesday 27th October - Our first morning in Bosa, we head down to Bosa Marina area, then the old town.









Log Entry Tuesday 26th October - We make our way slowly up to Bosa.







Log Entry Monday 25th October - Yesterday we headed north to Bosa, breaking the trip up at Uras for a couple of nights.










Log Entry Thursday 21st October - Unable to settle down to work on Sailaway take a trip by road to Carloforte.






Log Entry Thursday 21st October - A trip to Via Roma for coffee.





Log Entry Monday 18th October - A trip to the local Supermarket.




Log Entry Saturday 16th October - We arrive in good time in Toulon for the overnight ferry to Porto Torres, Sardinia.





Log Entry Friday 15th October - We take look around Chamond, for a second time.






Log Entry Thursday 14th October - We left Lisa's at 4am to catch the 0930 from Dover to Calais ferry.

Well, the early start put us well ahead of the commuter traffic, I personally believe with Covid and working from home etc, commuter traffic is no where near it's "pre-covid levels?" No hassle getting on board our ferry and after a full English breakfast on what was an almost deserted ferry we were soon arriving in Calais!

With customs etc taken care on the UK side, we were not pulled over to be checked so, we hit the road south making for Toulon and the ferry to Sardinia.