The Sailaway Logbook 2020


This year (2020), has seen the world devastated by Covid-19, a global epidemic - no need to put any further words down than that! It is now approaching August and technically the days already beginning to shorten in daylight as we head toward the darker seasons - depressing! We have all lived through lock-down periods and had our lives impacted in may ways by this epidemic. So with the restrictions now being descriptively "eased" although many would say "thrown away" we move into the "new normal".

What to do next is the question? We look around, we watched in recent times "social distancing" almost completely disregarded with "black live matter" demonstrations globally. Now here in the UK anyway, with pubs opening the same behavior can be witnessed but at a much more local level. The statement "Alcohol and social distancing do not go together" being broadcast at all levels but ignored anyway? Just a couple of weeks ago one would enter into a supermarket, many wearing masks as a matter of coarse, understandably. Now, we still wear masks but very few others wearing masks are seen - frightening? Unfortunately too now we are seeing more regional lock-downs globally each week due to further, reoccurring covid-19 outbreaks - a second wave almost certain unless we all change our behavior.

Kevin is awaiting some spinal work but due to Covid-19 postponed for a period unknown? We both have jobs in the hospitality sector to keep our minds active and provide cash of coarse. In this sector, upfront all is "covid secure" in reality there is no security at all as "social distancing"disappears in reality. We review all of our options, and decide to book a ferry to France! Our plan is to fast route across France south to Toulon, an overnight ferry to Sardinia and drive south to Carloforte and Sailaway. Our car to be ladened, as usual this time with a new spray hood, sail catcher and dinghy to name the main items. We have no return plans, perhaps after New Year?



Please use the links listed to follow our progress:

I - 2020, Managing Covid-19 we return to Sailaway. (August to November included)


II - 2020, Plans change, Christmas on board Sailaway in Carloforte.











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