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XIII - Ann & I return to the UK.


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XII - We continue sailing.


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I (2018) - How are we getting on in the UK?

We are now residing in the UK for the next 9-12 months, Kevin's knees are finished and need replacing, it has been a good 5 years and several thousand nautical miles since they were condemned! The replacement of both knees will take some time obviously, we will then return to Sailaway to see how we get on and how we go forward!

Thanks for taking the time to read our logs, see you in 12 months!


Log Entry Thursday 12th October- We made Dunkirk and catch the ferry to Dover.

We cover the rest of France easily making the ferry at Dunkirk in good time, by 2100 hours we are back on British soil. A couple of days before we drive north - family in London to visit!

Log Entry Wednesday 11th October- Now in France, we make our way directly north to Dunkirk.

We arrive in Toulon, France as scheduled around 0730 hours, we were packed and out of our cabin by 0700 as requested. We now had a drive of around 730 mile north to Dunkirk to catch a 1830 hour ferry to Dover tomorrow (Thursday) night. Our plan was to cover around 400 miles or so today and sleep "wherever, nothing booked" then continue the rest o the journey in the morning.

The Toulon Port was extremely busy, we counted four ferries either loading or unloading. Within twenty minutes of climbing into the car we were out of the port and on our way north!


The drive was steady, far superior roads to Sardinia. I concentrated on the road, Ann on the camera. Ann was fast enough to catch the military troops parachuting from one of their aircraft. We saw a tremendous amount of military vehicles, from land rovers, armoured vehicles to track vehicles and tanks on transporters, all south bound?

Our drive along the river "La Saône" was very interesting, plenty to see, our problem being that later, we could not remember "what we saw where?" - that has got to be an age thing? We decided to call it a day after about 375 miles, we averaged about 65 - 70 miles per hour, with stops an 8 hour day on the road was more than enough, that left us about 350 miles to cover tomorrow!

It was now just a case of pulling off the tolled motorway and finding suitable accommodation.

Upon leaving the motorway, we found a superb B&B in Flagey, just to the north of Langres, it had it all, rooms chalets and camping. We still had our trusty canvas in the rear of the car but opted for a real bed ensuring a better nights sleep! The whole building had great character, it doubled as a sizable working farm too!


Log Entry Tuesday 10th October - We bid our farewells and hit the road!

We have opted for a fast trip back to the UK, it took us 8 weeks and 1 day to drive here, our return trip, leaving today (Tuesday) will see us on British soil Thursday evening, 3 days to return! Our first leg of our journey involves a ferry over to the mainland and then a 180 mile drive north to Porto Torres. The type/style of road will see us taking about 4.5 hours (plus stops) to cover, we target 6 hours? At 2200 hours this evening from Porto Torres, we catch a ferry over night to Toulon (France) arriving 0730 hours Wednesday morning.

Sailaway is secured for the duration of our stay in the UK, estimated to be 9-12 months this time.

October 2017 - Baylis wishes Plant "farewell" as Baylis prepares to drive back to the UK with us.

A brief look at "Plant's" life with us!

April 2013 - The long drive from the UK to Turkey.

May 2015 - Plant and Baylis enjoying the Turkish Spring.

June 2017 - Looking great after her (Plants) winter alone in Carloforte. The year of her flowering too!

It brings a tear to our, and Baylis's eyes to say farewell but we know she is in good hands!

The trip to the mainland goes without serious issue, a little embarrassing on our boarding of the ferry? The crew member overseeing

the loading indicate that our car is a little low for the "drive on ramp"? Ann is asked to get out of the car and walk aboard? Hopefully Ann looses a little weight as she is to return to work when we get back to the north east - she seems completely at ease with the request to "walk aboard?"

The drive goes well, about an hour from Porto Torres we stop for a coffee, sitting outside we watch a fleet of vintage cars stop for fuel on the way to the ferry terminal. All French registered, been touring Sardinia.

We eventually arrive at Porto Torres, with an hour or so to kill before we can board.

We board and depart at 2200 hours as scheduled, we settle into our cabin, have dinner on board then turn in for the night. We will awake in the morning, arriving in France around 0730 hours.


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