The road journey from the UK to Sailaway.

The objective of our logbook is to document our travels and experiences, allowing our family and friends (both of them!) to keep up to date with our progress. Our aim is to see "the real countries" as we travel, staying away from the heavily commercialised areas when ever possible. We hope you enjoy the content, any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


This year (2017), our plan is to drive to Sailaway once again, our road trip to Turkey (2013) has many great memories, we plan to make this journey just as interesting. We begin 6th April with a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam, spending 6-8 weeks, or perhaps more, crossing Europe. Our route is flexible, we have a number of destinations defined, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A ferry over to Corsica then onto Sardinia. Once back to Sailaway we will leave the car in the marina and sail somewhere? We will return back to the UK by road in September via a different route yet to be determined?


We will modify the website to include our over land trips, documenting the journeys as we travel as we would on Sailaway. Please note, to accommodate slower download speeds, the size of each page has been restricted to eliminate "time outs" during downloads.


Please use the links listed to follow our progress:

I - The long road journey begins from the UK to Sailaway, based in Carloforte, Isola San Pietro, Sardinia, we begin in the Netherlands. (7th April till 14th April)


II - We move into Belgium. (14th April till to 20th April)

III - We move into Luxembourg. (20th April till 23rd April.)

IV - We move into Liechtenstein (23rd April till 28th April.)

V - We head south for warmth, into France & Monaco. (28th April till 4th May.)

VI - We leave France & Monaco and cross into Italy and visit Pisa & Florence. (5th May till 11th May.)


VII - We remain in Italy and visit Rome & Livono. (11th May till 19th May.)

VIII - We move onto the island of Corsica, France. (20th May till 29th May.)

VIII - We move onto the island of Sardinia, Italy and back to Sailaway! (29th May arriving 2nd June.)




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