The Sailaway Logbook 2014

The objective of our logbook is to document our travels and experiences, allowing our family and friends to keep up to date with our progress. Our aim is to see "the real countries" as we travel, staying away when possible from the heavily commercialised areas. We hope you enjoy the content, any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


We bring in the 2014 New Year and our eighth year living on Sailaway, we are coming to the end of our life in the Mediterranean, but personal issues see us re-new our marina contract. This years challenge is to manage the boredom of the Turkish coastline. Our initial dream, all must have a target, was to head east and visit Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, the EMR is active again this year but it's schedule and timescale's are too severe for us? Unfortunately, the passing of Ann's Mum after a long and courageous battle has implications on our plans clearly. The season is cut short with us returning back to Sailaway with some form of normality in early July, lets see where we end up this year? We undoubtedly will return to Kas in the winter with an extended trip back to the UK for further treatment to Kevin's knees.


Please use the links listed to follow our progress:

I - Life in Kas Marina, Turkey (1st January till 16th February).

II - Life in Kas Marina, Turkey (17th February till 14th July).

III - Our Season Continues (15th July till 4th August).

IV - Heading West (4th August until 26th August).

V - The Greek Islands (26th August until 4th September).

VI - The Greek Islands II (4th September until 21st September).

VII - Back into Turkey (21st September until 10th October).

VIII - Life back in Kas Marina (11th October today).




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