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II - Life in Kas Marina.


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I - Life in Kas Marina, Turkey (2014).

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III - Our Season Continues.




Log Entry Monday 14th July - Mick, a volunteer to solve our mast head problem!

We have had an issue with our wind instrument (the white circular thing!) mounting position. It is at certain points of sail it is hidden by the mast, providing incorrect readings. It needs to be re-installed at a higher position to allow the transducer to operate in free air.

Mick (Indian Summer) has offered to climb the 17.5 meters above the water line and move the unit - great!

Although Mick was very professional and efficient, I felt it my duty to keep watch on his progress, ensuring the sun did not burn my back?

A great job done thank you!


Log Entry Sunday 13th July - Our time/life in the marina comes to an end for some months. (126)

Our stay in the marina is coming to a close for some months, our needed work is done, we, on Monday will head east to give Sailaway "A good shake out!". This means, sailing, living at anchor and all of the functions that all needs. It will be a good shake out for Ann & I too as needs have made us a little lazy I feel, settling into "marina life", some thing we thought we could never do?

With a few bits and pieces to pick up, cockpit cushions, or something we can use as, and a new light for our cockpit as the sun has rotted our existing one, we head into town. We make our way down to our favourite cafe, off the square on the waterfront.

It is quiet down here, but July and August is too hot for normal people, never too hot for chai? Our cushions are bought, waiting to be picked up and our cockpit lantern is found, just the price to be agreed, always best to do that on a second visit if discount is needed?

From the square, with our new lantern, we head through the streets, back to the marina, picking up our cushions on the way. Plenty of colour all around, not good for the hay fever sufferers?


Log Entry Friday 4th July - Fully rested, our first trip into Kas town centre.

We are now quite rested and with job's under way, the plan is to get Sailaway ready as fast as possible to move out of the marina and benefit from the sea breezes and swimming in the cool waters, which is not allowed in the marina. Sailaway is due a full service of the engine, gearbox and fuel system, saying that it took us two days to pack all away we brought back? All of our work has to be managed around the daily temperatures, that means, an early start, hiding in the shade during the afternoon, then returning to work early evening - the only way in these temperatures.

We head into town to stock our empty cupboards, Kas has changed little, only a little busier as one would expect.

We visit our favourite square, coffees and lunch, and of coarse "people watching" as we call it? Then, eventually, time to shop!


Log Entry Thursday 3rd July - We return to Sailaway, after three months in the UK.

The passing of Ann's mum has left it's mark, we return to Sailaway with no plans, nor outlook for the coming months. Our belief was that if we got out here, all would sort it's self out in time. We were not too happy about the thought of arriving into a sheltered marina in 27C, the temperatures we had noted in recent days. When the plane landed into Altanya yesterday it was 34C, an unforecast heat wave believe it or not? If we had been here through out the year as normal we would have gradually adjusted, this time we are hit hard as we are accustomed to the UK weather, true tourists?

We had a difficult night and, as a result today was spend below decks, hiding from the sun and it's heat. The first view we had as we climbed on deck in search of some thing for dinner was the site of a young turtle in the water, swimming around us, about 35cms in diameter - good to be back, irrespective of the heat!


We took the easy option and opted for simple food in the newly opened "Oxygen" within the marina complex, good food at a reasonable price.


Log Entry Monday 10th March - A good send off for us, back to the UK again in the morning.

Today is a sad day for us, we return, once again to the UK for an unknown period, other than for months, not weeks. We met up with the guys in Meymekan for the evening, we could not have asked for a better send off - thank you all!


Log Entry Thursday 6th March - John reaches 60 years of age, and a life time with Gill certainly justifies celebration?


John & Gill are working hard on Petronella, their sailboat, to prepare for the Atlantic crossing early next year, but today is a special day, John reaching the grand, young age of sixty. I believe, although not confirmed, that Gill have given John permission to take it easier today?

Just over twenty of us were to be gathering this evening to celebrate John's birthday. So, armed with cake, balloons, banner, balloon trumpets etc we make our way to prepare. The venue was "Meymekan" within the marina complex, nice and easy for us all, my duty was to carry the trimmings, Gill's was supervision - the Meymekan staff were exceptional, did not miss a single instruction, the organisation was perfect.

The gathering was very prompt and the evening progressed well from the start, liquids and conversation flowed well.

The food orders were placed around the conversation and frivolities, each making their own selection.

John's selection was easily identified - yep, he went for the chicken?

The cake arrived in time, brought in to a grand, loud applause. It was chocolate so the candles had to be limited, sixty would have liquefied it? We were then fascinated by the declaration from John as to why the "fridge cake" displayed a variance in thickness, placed to set on an uneven, fridge shelf apparently, amazing? The cake was eventually cut and distributed, and enjoyed by all.

Afterwards, John took the floor and with the assistance of props gave his version of the "The Owl and the Pussycat" a nonsense poem by Edward Lear, first published during 1871 as part of his book Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany, and Alphabets. John, as a Rastafarian, referred to Petronella, as the pea green boat and his beautiful pussy, Gill! That association in it 'self got laughter and a remark or two. This pea green boat took them both safely across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

I stole a copy of the poem from their blog, read on.


The John and The Gilly went to sea
In a beautiful old green boat
We sailed from Lagos and on to Gib
In the hope that we'd still stay afloat
We traveled on east to the islands of Greece
No marinas or taxes around
And so on to Turkey and Göçek and Kas
Where a nice new marina we found, we found
Where a nice new marina we found

The last three years have been some of the best
Many friends, what a strange motley crew
Alixora and Whitestar and Blue Talisman
Silver Lady and Sailaway too
We've sailed to Datça and Lesvos and Kos
Petronella will tell you the tale
She's old and un comfy but sturdy and strong
And she's safe as can be in a gale, a gale
Yes, she's safe as can be in a gale

But 60 has come and I'm getting quite old
So it's time to cast off and sail west
To the land of the rasta, the boat boys, the Trades
Where the lobster is simply the best
And Gill will look up at the moon, what a life
And stare at a solitary star
As for me, I will think, as I gaze at my wife
What a beautiful pussy you are, you are
What a beautiful pussy you are!


As the evening began to close, attention in some quarters became focused on the balloon trumpets, it was bound to happen eventually, a great evening had by all, thanks John & Gill.



Log Entry Thursday 21st February - We meet Thomas, been cycling since April 2013 on this trip!

On the way to town yesterday we were stopped by a gentleman (Thomas) on a bicycle, clearing touring the countryside, he asked if we could direct him to some accommodation (Pensions etc). We do so, and on our way out of town with our groceries later that day, we meet him again, his accommodation well suited.

Thomas Kipp (Bonn, Germany)

(Use the above link to see Thomas's amazing progress.)

We are busy on Sailaway, polishing off a few jobs following our first week at anchor this year, Thomas drops by for a coffee and a chat. Thomas left Germany in April, 2013, with over 290 days and over 9600km under his wheels this trip. An interesting, retired gentleman, following his last tour across Canada, he is now en route to Srilanka, from Turkey making his way through Iran next. We discuss our similarities, reasons and objectives, time disappears as you would imagine, good luck Thomas!


Log Entry Wednesday 19th February - We unfortunately return to Kas Marina, our week is over.

We have been here a week now, the time has passed so quickly, as we have our breakfast on top, the same young gent passes us as he does every day? This morning, for the first time he passes us without his hood up, as he looks over, I wave and smile. He returns the gesture, pulls up his hood and disappears up to the small cove he frequents?

We finish off our breakfast and packing, Ann lifts the anchor from the thick mud and we say our goodbye's to Üçagiz. The forecast for the next couple of days is very light winds, (3-5 knots) of no real use to us so we will motor back the twenty miles to Kas.

As we exit Üçagiz Limani and cross the Roads, very little is going on, no one around. We do note one of the structures that has remained unchanged since our first visit appears to be moving forward?

The scenery is very attractive, with Köy Castle in the background a little haunting perhaps?

Once out of the westerly entrance there is little difference out in open water, we now follow the coastline west, north west to Kas.

Under power, a boring trip, a single fishing boat bring about a task to clear his laid pots, otherwise all there is to do is sit in the sun and drink coffee.

As we approach Kastellórizon and the cluster of islets and rocks around it, we meet our first and only challenge of the trip - a sailboat heading our way, under engine also. The coarse changes several times across us, as it reaches around 300 meters from us I take sailaway off the auto pilot and steered clear manually? As it came along side, two surprised faces appeared, then, they began waving, I passed comment but was asked to be quiet, just in case they heard?

Just as well one vessel was aware of where it was going and what was out there, I made one or two humorous comments as they passed and motored on. We passed Meis, receiving a warm welcome from one of the small fishing boats as he tipped his hat to us.

In time we passed the peninsular and turned into Buçak Deniz heading up towards the marina. I was quiet impressed as I saw one of the small fishing boats, adapting what looked like a motor cycle wheel to control his baited line in the water?


Log Entry Monday 17th February - A lazy Sunday, rightly deserved!

Our breakfast in the warm sunshine on deck takes a couple of hours this morning, watching the world go by is interesting to say the least. The distant hammering from the boatyard to the east of the Limani started early as did the usual sounds of the high speed hard dinghies traveling backwards and forwards from the town area to "where ever?" The Sahil Güvenlik (Turkish Coast Guard) are out this morning too, they head out into open water, we are of no interest to them.

Two small rowing boats leave the small harbour and pass us, one elder gent who waves as he passes, one younger chap that keeps his hood covered head straight forward, not acknowledging us at all. The older gent has passed us a number of times, both small boats make for the peninsular's shore to the south of us, the younger gent disappears into a small cove to the west of us out of sight.

A sailboat leaves the harbour, he comes over to us, waves and returns to go along side the outer pontoon. It is Abraham, talking to him later we find that he is preparing the boat to take it to Fethiye for a haul out and re-antifoul. He had contacted Kas, but the price quoted was ridiculous, and we thought it was just western europeans received the over pricing? Fethiye also works well for him as he is to do the work himself, with some of the permanent crew from the three gullets the family (three brothers) have there.

The elderly gent returns from his walk, where he had been we can only speculate, best guess, checking traps etc? He moves the small boat down the shore and spreads a sheet over the base of the boat and climbs the hill and begins to chop wood for his fire/stove etc. Still, that is enough of watching the world go by and coffee of coarse? A couple of minor jobs to occupy our minds, then, ashore for a short walk to have a look around the outskirts of Üçagiz, the name translates to "three entrances", two by sea, one by road, the small marina is of interest too.

We take the small lane of of the east of the town, the lane would eventually take us to the boatyard. It is interesting to see the integration of today's needs into the ancient ruins of Teimiussa, numerous sarcophagi and Lycian rock tombs.

The historic features are present within most dwellings, just "there" according to the locals, utilised if possible to provide shelter of storage in some cases.

We walk down and along the ancient waterfront, still a working area for small fishing boats today.

We then re-join the lane going towards the boatyard, it climbs up the hillside through numerous dwelling, life here being very different I would imagine.

There is an excellant view of the Roads and Kekova Adasi, the up most slide showing the West/East seaward passages around Karagol Adalari.

We turn back towards the town, a gent is patching the gullies in the lane caused by flood water, we also pass a disused well on the roadside as we head toward the western section of the Limani in which Sailaway sits.

As we return there are further signs of the integration of the old and present, even if it is only as a playground?

The lane is flooded with ducks, hens and of coarse cats, all owned by someone, all roaming free.

We return to the square, no coaches now the day is almost over, it is good to see the children playing football. The stalls that service the visitors are just covered with polythene sheeting, the goods for sale lying below, no need for security in this village - very pleasant to witness.

We wander down onto the marina pontoon, there are approximately 12 foreign flagged vessels here, we learn later there is a Turkish live aboard family have just arrived. The Sahil Güvenlik has quite a presence here, two larger craft and a rib under cover, Sailaway sits, lonely, in the distance.

We walk around the small harbour to Abraham's we have a dinner appointment, Abraham sit with us and drinks beer. We discuss all topics, from family life in Üçagiz, to business, if you name it, we probably touched on the subject, a very pleasant, informative, informative day.


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