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XVI - Life in Kas Marina.


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XV- The long road journey from Kas, back to the UK.


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I - Life in Kas Marina, Turkey (2014).



Log Entry Tuesday 24th December.


Wishing all of our followers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014, see you then!


Log Entry Sunday 8th December - Another change of fate, a letter calls us back to the UK.

It looks like Christmas aboard is not happening again for the third year in a row, another one of life's little challenges!


Log Entry Monday 2nd December - We settle down to life back on board in Kas Marina.

We flew back to Turkey, Tuesday 19th November, we are picked up by Ian & Adrianne, arriving back late we spend our first evening in their house, catching up on each others gossip. We get back to Sailaway the following morning, as usual it takes a number of days to unpack our seventy kilos, a combination of replacement spares and new "add on's!" The winter job list begins to take form, Sailaway has behaved well during our absence, nothing new to repair at this stage anyway?

We are soon back into our Turkish way of life. the short trip into town is a pleasant one, lots of colour around still. The blue skies come and go, with only the odd exception most of the rainfall appears over night. When it rains, it rains, torrential down pours, regular electric storms disturb our sleep, still with daily temperatures still reaching "upper teens" over all, not too much to complain about. With our cycles fully operative with replacement gear cables fitted, our present transport is quite acceptable - we do however, miss our little VW!

We spend one afternoon across the bay on a small beach with other residents of the marina adding to the local visitors, two couples sun bathing - we are too softened for that!



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