The Sailaway Logbook 2013

The objective of our logbook is to document our travels and experiences, allowing our family and friends (both of them!) to keep up to date with our progress. Our aim is to see "the real countries" as we travel, staying away from the heavily commercialised areas when ever possible. We hope you enjoy the content, any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


We bring in the 2013 New Year and our seventh year living on Sailaway, again in the UK, having been forced to seek medical assistance for my (Kevin's) knees. The treatment is a marked improvement, not perfect however life never is? We left Sailaway safely tucked up in Kas Marina, Kas, on the south coast of Turkey. The year of 2011 saw us spending time in Istanbul, in January, stopping over as we returned to Sailaway, a remarkable area. Once back in Fethiye we took Sailaway up the west coast of Turkey, as far north as Bodrum, returning south and as far east as Kas.

We expected to be in the UK for a significant longer period, as a result we secured a twelve month contract with Kas Marina, paying for twelve months and gaining six months free! Therefore we have also already gained the winter of 2013 in Kas Marina. This year (2013), our plan is to drive to Turkey, beginning mid-April and spending 3-4 weeks, or perhaps more, crossing Europe. Our route is flexible, we have only one destination defined, Lake Garda, Italy, Ann's choice? Our chosen route will take us from Calais, through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and then into Italy. Leaving Italy we will make our way east through Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and finally into Turkey. We will spend some time exploring central Turkey as we cross it and then finally south to Kas, a trip of approximately 3000 miles over land. Once back to Sailaway we will leave the car in the marina and make our way east, towards Cyprus and beyond, returning to Kas for the return trip by road. We will return back to the UK by road in September via a different route yet to be determined?

We will modify the website to include our over land trips, documenting the journeys as we travel as we would on Sailaway. Please note, to accommodate slower download speeds, the size of each page has been restricted to eliminate "time outs" during downloads.


Please use the links listed to follow our progress:

I - The long road journey from the UK to Kas, Turkey begins, our journey to Basel, Switzerland.(4th March to 22nd April)


II - The long road journey from Basel south, towards the Swiss/Italian Lakes. (22nd April till 3rd May)


III - The long road journey from Venice east to Slovenia. (4th - 8th May)


IV - The road journey through Slovenia continues. (8th - 14th May)


V - The road journey into Croatia continues.(14th - 18th May)


VI - The road journey continues into now Bosnia & Herzegovina, then back into Croatia .(18th May to 22nd May)


VII - The drive through Serbia and Bulgaria. (23rd to 25th May


VIII - Eventually we reach Turkey. (26th May until 5th June.)


IX - The Sailaway re-fit. (6th June until 14th July.)


X - Eventually we begin sailing! (15th until 30th July.)


XI - Heading East once again! (1st August until 19th August.)


XII - Altanya Körfezi (20th until 27th August.)


XIII - Altanya Körfezi II (28th until 2nd September.)


XIV - Visitors on the Lycian Coast (2nd - 29th September.)


XV - The long road journey back to the UK (30th September until 8th October.)


XVI - Life in Kas Marina (19th November until 31st December.)




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