The Sailaway Logbook 2012

The objective of our logbook is to document our travels and experiences, allowing our family and friends (both of them!) to keep up to date with our progress. Our aim is to see "the real countries" as we travel, staying away from the heavily commercialised areas when ever possible. We hope you enjoy the content, any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


We bring in the 2012 New Year in the UK, Sailaway tucked up safely on The Yacht Classic Hotel pontoon, in Fethiye, Turkey. The year of 2011 saw us traveling through February, coming to rest in our winter berth in November. We enjoyed the empty waters, anchorages and ports, visiting areas that we would have avoided due to "crowding" in the peak months. The volatile weather also took it's toll, more caution was obviously needed, adding a further challenge, all great fun.

This year (2012) is the first year we return to Sailaway without a "plan", a number of reasons being the cause, both personal and political. We had initially hoped to venture out into the Indian Ocean and beyond, a bi-annual rally cancelled due to the pirate activity. The political unrest in the Arab countries casts a shadow over our desires, we would have loved to traveled further east but decide against it. It is almost "let's see where we end up?"

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Please use the links listed to follow our progress:

Turkey I - Istanbul, The Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Turkey II - Istanbul, Topkapi Palace.

Turkey III - Fethiye (19th Jan. 24th April)

Turkey IV - From Fethiye, heading West to Marmaris. (24th April - 6th May)

Turkey V - From Marmaris, heading West. (6th - 25th May)

Turkey VI - Marmaris, Turunç, Ekinçik and Dalyan. (26th May - 4th June)

Turkey VII - The Carian Coast, Marmaris to Bodrum. (5th June - 17th June)

Turkey VIII - The Carian Coast II, Marmaris to Bodrum. (17th June - 29th June)

Turkey IX - The Carian Coast III, Bodrum to Marmaris. (29th June - 4th July)

Turkey X - The Lycian Coast, Marmaris to Fethiye. (4th July - 2nd August)

Turkey XI - The Lycian Coast II, Fethiye Körfezi and Skopea Limani. (3rd August - 18th September)

Turkey XII - The Lycian Coast III, Fethiye Körfezi, Skopea Limani and on to Kas. (19th - 30th September )

Turkey XIII - The Lycian Coast IV, Kas, Sailaway's home for some time to come. (1st - 10th October.)









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