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Turkey VIII - Returning West, Finike to Kekova Roads.



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Turkey VII - To the east of Fethiye, Andraki to Finike.


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Turkey IX - Returning West, back to Gocek and Fethiye, our winter berth.



Log Entry Thursday 13th October - We leave Üçagiz, Kekova Roads and head for Fethiye/Skopea limani.

To day we plan to leave, the weather has settled, at least until Saturday evening when gales are due again but by then, we should be safely "tucked up" some where else. As the October days pass, fewer and fewer trip boats leave their berths daily, many being stripped down for the winter, their work complete for the year. The anchorage where we sit is still quite busy, plenty of both people on vacation and through traffic as the weather settles. There are fewer charter vessels out now, those that are, are usually traveling alone, the flotillas finished for the year.

There are also a couple of gullets at anchor, those too being stripped down for the winter, mostly moved to else where for lift out and winter storage ashore - all a little sad really as the summer closes, at least we have a few weeks left?

We sit on board and watch John and Gill (Petronella) make ready, lift their anchor and leave for Gökkaya to spend a few day there before eventually seeking their winter berth in nearby Kas. We wave them farewell, we will meet them again in Fethiye, they fly a similar time to us, so we will have company at the airport.

We wait and wait, the winds do not pick up at all as forecast so we decide to lift our anchor and check out the weather outside, if no good we can come back in and wait until this evening? Our anchor is well dug in, it had held well in the reported 40 knot squalls we had experienced earlier, we broke the anchor out of the mud, the bow dipping a good 300mm (12") as it did so, we had never experienced that before. We our anchor gear secured clean, we left Üçagiz Limani, and headed across the Roads to the western exit, passing between Kekova Adasi and Karagol Adalari we were now in open water following the mainland coast west.

It was a different waters today to that we had traveled west in, very little traffic now, we saw the odd vessel, quite a lonely feeling as such. There was no wind at all only the occasional gust from the west, nothing usable to us so we motored. We worked our way along the coastline past the island "Ak ar Bögazi", it was just behind here where the shark we had seen earlier was caught.

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Turkey IX - Returning West, back to Gocek and Fethiye, our winter berth.


Log Entry Thursday 13th October - A fantastic photo opportunity missed with a shark caught nearby!

Today we plan to leave Üçagiz and head back to Fethiye and eventually our winter berth. We had planned initially, to make short trips back along the coast but with our last experience of the October weather, a bad weather system which lasted almost ten days, we are a little concerned that if we experience such a system again we may run the risk of missing our flight? We now plan to make our way back to Fethiye, or at least nearby Skopea Limani without stopping, that way we are nearby, a maximum of three hours, from our winter berth should such weather hit again? The long range forecast is predicting gales arriving Saturday or Sunday, a further consideration! We will travel over night so as to minimalised the prevailing head winds, the winds today appear not to be as strong as forecast so instead of waiting for them to drop off this evening we may leave a little earlier this afternoon - a few hours to kill in the mean time?

We decide to prepare and then head over to town to pick up bread, fresh fruit and salad, have a coffee and wish our friends in the restaurant farewell. As we approach the town quay there is a great deal of activity on the pontoon, I could see from the dinghy a large fish in the water, tied by it's tail fin - a large tuna I thought being kept fresh in the water? As we tied up our dinghy nearby a man pulled the rope (and tail fin) our of the water pulling the dead fish out of the water and onto the pontoon - it was a shark! It caught the attention of a large group of tourists making their way to their trip boats, cameras every where, except mine I had left it on board Sailaway? The shark, probably a sand, or mackerel shark was about 1.75m (5ft) long, every one was coming to see it from the town, clearly some thing that was not caught too often. It was caught by a fisherman just of Aperlai where we had swam amongst the ruins, not sure we would have jumped in the water so quickly to cool down had we known sharks were about? Joking aside, I did look into fatalities from sharks in the Mediterranean, it is apparently recorded as six, and it surprised me as to the types/species of sharks that are known to inhabit these waters, some well over 3m (10ft) in length.

Lesson learnt - never go any where without a camera as you never know what you may see!


Log Entry Tuesday 11th October - Weather we had never seen before! (138)

The Turkish forecast for today was a little vague, but "showery" was defiantly mentioned, other sources we use indicated possible electrical storms? The weather was due to hit later in the day so we decided to pop into Üçagiz and do a little shopping, our first problem was that we were a little short of cash, in a town with no bank? Our friend Mehmet was our first "port of call" and as usual he had it sorted in moments we were introduced to the shop owner, he said he would give us "cash back" for a 5% commission fee - no problem with that, solvent again! We spoke about the weather, Mehmet spoke of strong winds, they were moving all of the large gullets off the floating pontoons, to reduce strain I guess, they moved down the Limani to where we were anchored. We were told to move up further west in the Limani for better shelter, but we felt confident where we were due to what we had already experienced - we did put out more anchor chain, just in case? We got back onto Sailaway unpacked our shopping and made a couple of calls to the UK, during which Gill (Petronella), who had earlier, in town invited us over for coffee, called us over. We finished our calls and went over and spent an hour or so discussing "life as we know it?"

In time, we made our way back over to Sailaway just ahead of the rain, we watched it, and as the lightening approach us from the west from under our bini cover. That was our mistake of the day, we should have dropped our cover prior to the rains arrival? The squall hit us ahead of the storm, the winds it brought were very, very strong, spinning us around at anchor. We watched as all boats around us did the same, fortunately all too far apart to collide, boats dragging their anchor were our main concern, we now had some really large gullets ahead of us? The rain that came hit us horizontally, and the wind increased to an unbelievable speed, the lightening also intensified - we could now see only the tip of our boat, a few meters ahead of us due to the resulting spray. I looked down at the water over the side of the cockpit wondering how big would the waves build, believe it or not they didn't? Then I realised that the waves were not of the short pitched steep variety one would expect but were almost flat crested, the wind was blowing the crests off, the spray further reducing visibility. Our bini cover held well, but broke a couple of mounting ties, I asked Ann to ignore it as I felt it was unsafe to climb on deck unless one had too, but the flogging canvas could also have brought about serious injury. Ann sat staring at her flogging handy work, she could be seen, subconsciously, grabbing our to restrain it? Beyond the water spray large turbo - charged engines could be heard, these were the engines of the large gullets, their navigation lights visible at times, was this precautionary or were there issues ahead of us beyond the spray? I had Ann and I sit "braced" in the cockpit, being hit by one of those monsters in this wind was not some thing to be taken lightly. We sat, braced in the cockpit until the winds began to subside and visibility improved. In time I felt it acceptable to take down our, now flapping, bini cover, getting soaked in the process, still it is warm rain? Ahead, the only issue we could make out was a that a large power yacht had clearly dragged, but their luxury of crew were dealing with it, men armed with fenders and a rib working hard with the skipper? We tidied up, taking off our wet clothes, a hot shower the order of the day.

As we sat down to dinner, fireworks could be heard, I climbed up on deck, were they for pleasure or, some form of alarm was the through that went through my mind?

They were for pleasure and very pleasurable they were too, we watched from our cockpit, the rain had left us for the moment so they were not wasted, cries of approval could be heard around the anchorage.

The finale was a large heart, Ann called out with excitement "It must be lovely to have some one do that for you?" Which obviously is a statement reflecting one's inadequacy? The best reply I could muster was "but it is up side down?" Not much was said about the fireworks after that, we finished our dinner, watched a movie then retired for the evening. Squalls and rain hit us all night, waking us periodically, but nothing like what we had seen earlier, and hopefully never again?


Log Entry Monday 10th October - Every thing is wet and more to come!

Yesterday (Sunday) we awoke to a stark reminder that autumn is indeed approaching, thick cloud and dark skies? The forecast for the next few days is strong winds and heavy rain, but it does not effect the daily routine for many, the fishermen still have their fish to catch?

It is unfortunate for those on holiday, there are still many trip boats out with their cargo, and with that still plenty of people swimming in the water, at least it is not cold as yet, just damp?

Then the rain arrived from the east, the direction in which we are traveling, the weather is reported as a lot worse ahead of us? One thing for sure, when it rains, it certainly rains and, it did so for most of the day? As evening approached we checked the weather again, the winds were to approach near gale force according to the experts, as darkness approaches the forecast had not yet materialised but we made ready just in case? It was about 2300 hours when the winds came, we took down our bini cover and stood watch as the squalls hit us hard, heavy rain, thunder and lightening followed, amazing to watch. The squalls only lasted an hour or so so we were both settled for the night by about 0100 hours - the rain stayed with us for most of the night.

We again awoke this morning (Monday) to the same threatening skies but at least the rain had stopped, for a short time anyway? When we looked at the water collected in our dinghy we must have had about 100mm (4") over night. We collect the fresh water from the dinghy, it is too contaminated with the sand that the rain brings to drink, but Ann uses it for washing the stainless and woodwork, nothing allowed to go to waste?


Log Entry Sunday 9th October - Waiting for the weather to settle in our favour?

The weather has been a little unsettled for the last few days out side making it difficult for us to move on? The concerning thing is the lack of consistency of the forecasts, October is a little unsettled as one would imagine? We have to make our way west, against the prevailing winds, recent forecasts have been a little conservative, resulting in significantly stronger winds than forecast, which would result in a more difficult sea to fight against. The longer view forecasts are predicting heavy rain fall and possible electric storms through until Wednesday of next week, in all, this current weather system will have held us at Polemos for almost ten days - one more of these between here and Fethiye and we may miss our flights? It is looking now as if we may travel over night, without the prevailing winds against us to get us to Fethiye in good time, better a few days early than late? We have already visited all worth seeing to us on this coastline, so we would loose nothing? Over a morning coffee with newly made friends (John & Gill), a further twist to the weather is revealed? All weather sources but the Turkish are predicting strong or gale force winds from the south east or east, we have little shelter from such winds here, we need to move into Üçagiz Limani? Once our anchor was up and washed off, the trip was pleasant as the wind was already beginning to stiffen behind us, we had only 4/5 miles to our next stop at Üçagiz, less than an hour under sail.

Seeing the town again was good, it's pretty setting rewarding to the eye, it's shops would providing the fruit and salad that we had not seen for almost a week?

We first consider the east section of the Limani to anchor, whilst offering in theory the best protection from the easterlies, it stands some what open to the south east? We proceed to the west sector, tucking our selves around a small head land while avoiding the young girls in their small boats trying to sell us scarf's etc? It looks like we could be here for 4/5 days, we are bound to bump into Mehmet ashore?


Log Entry Tuesday 4th October - Nothing to do but relax!

With Sailaway's hull clean and all of our jobs complete all we have to do is enjoy our surroundings, the weather and what ever else we find. We plan to move towards Fethiye on Thursday of this week, weather permitting? We have arranged a berth for the 29th of this month, so we intend to stop off "some where" on the way back to kill time? We will spend a night at nearby Üçagiz to pick up supplies and dump the garbage we have accumulated. It is amazing the rubbish one accumulates, more noticeable when "dumping" is limited? Having worked in the packaging industry it really does make you aware of the problem "packaging" creates, especially if you see it, as we do regularly, discarded in the water?

As sun down approaches we watch the family from our restaurant lay drift nets across the bay. They are almost impossible so see in the day light as they are poorly marked, over night, as they are some times left, they could be a serious danger to any one entering or leaving the bay as the nets are unlit and unguarded. Less than one hour after the laying of the net we watched as one power yacht approaching, I was ready to jump in our dinghy and warn him of the pending danger, however he was able to make out the nets at the last moment and make his way around them?

That evening we make our way over to the Fisherman's Inn for dinner, we have our usual starter "raki", as our food is brought to the table, Ann asks "Did I know this chicken?" The reply was "It was the big cockerel from behind, on this side" as he points towards the rear of the restaurant? Ann was speechless at the reply, "really?" she mumbled, the proprietor began laughing, "no, it is chicken!" he replies? That comment replace Ann's concern with laughter - they know her well by now? The fact of the matter is that it will be from one of their chickens out the back, but Ann's quite happy so we all are I guess? The food is as good as usual, I always have the fish as it cannot be bought for this price any where else that we know of, and, I love fish? After a couple of drinks and the usual conversation we return to Sailaway for our pending treat!

The largest caramel desert I have every seen - how long do you think it lasted?


Log Entry Saturday 1st October - October 1st, where does the time go?

Yesterday was a strange day, the winds were strong as forecast with much unforecast cloud cover - we hear from our family of the heat wave in the UK? The temperatures here are still good, but the menacing cloud cover has gave us a number of very brief showers, the real "trouble" passes to the east of us as forecast. It is good to see the accuracy in the forecasting, at the moment anyway, traveling at this time of year is difficult enough with volatile weather systems let alone inaccurate weather forecasts? We had a magnificant rainbow just to the east of us and the "end of the rainbow" was clearly visible on the hillside at the waters edge - no pot of gold?

We awake in the morning to the usual sounds of the birds of prey on the mountain ledge above us. The proprietor of the Fisherman Inn called them by their Turkish name, the nearest we could get with his help was "eagle". We thought we had miss understood but this morning we were able to get some pictures with our camera, although not best suited for the distance required, perhaps they are eagles?

The skies are back to "blue" today and, as it is the first of the month time to check out our hull for growth? It is amazing how quickly the growth takes place in these warm waters, it has slowed down from July and August as the daily 38-40 degree Celsius has fallen to 25-30C. The water at times, dependant on the wind chill, appears warmer than the air? The vast majority of the hull growth falls off when Sailaway is moved, however, some times we gather some rather "stubborn growth" on our water line, we remove it by hand, taking care as not to clean off too much antifoul.


Log Entry Thursday 29th September - A visit to the ancient Aperlai (Aperlae) ruins.

We are to visit the Aperlai ruins today, Aperlai was, in it's time a small port on the other side of the land mass at the head of the bay in which are anchored. The ruins, or ancient Aperlae are said, in part, to date back to the 6th Century (BC), more of interest they are not protected so one can swim and snorkel amongst them, but nothing can be removed if found, so we take our snorkels, towel etc. It is said to be a 20 minute walk across land so we leave our dinghy with our now friends at the Fisherman Inn and follow the pathway through their homestead, livestock every where. The calf is a recent addition, they own a further five cows which are allowed to wander the open ground, the calf is penned for safety.

Once over the hill above the restaurant the terrain becomes barren, harsh and very dry, the path is frequented enough to keep it visible. It is hard to believe how people exist in such a harsh environment but they clearly do, derelict houses are dotted around from past occupations?

We come across a very interesting excavation, dug deep to the point that damp soil is visible in it's base? Nearby, a fresh water well and water troughs, kept full for livestock, one of the containers is made of stone - probably of some age? We spend some time discussing what the excavation may have been and then continue on.

It was not long before we see the water in the bay in which Aperlai sits, we come to a further property called "The Purple House", a sign post directs us through a gate where we are greeted by a polite gentleman, The Purple House is a restaurant offering freshly cooked food and drinks, they also offer accommodation and camping facilities, we exchange a few words and are then directed towards the ruins to the other side of the property.

We found Aperlai an amazing place, some of the properties lived in, no "piped" water, no electric or gas, totally dependant on what they can generate or grow? There are only three or four properties lived in, this to Ann and I would be the perfect place for us to live on land - our first perfect place! The ruins now came into view both in the water and on the hillside, the original complex was much bigger than we had imagined.

We carried on along the shoreline, making our way through livestock, total disinterested in us, burial tombs were every where now, but I must say every single one had been broken into through time, all desecrated to different degrees?

Our plan was to look at the ruins on the land before the sun got too hot then, a cooling swim was due. The buildings were clearly of different times as one would expect, what looked like a city wall cascaded down the hillside down to the water well over a meter thick?

It is one's imagination that works hard for us in places like this, what were the people like, how did they live? They were clearly shorter than today's man, more of Ann's height. I ask if she wants to try one of the partially opened tombs for size, she refuses with that strange look she sometimes gives me?

We wander around the building remains trying to imagine them occupied, lived in?

There are many inscriptions on both tombs and some buildings, all left to erode naturally? Again, it is strange for us to imagine how we can be allowed to walk around these ruins, in the UK they would be preserved, and more so, supported with information - nothing like this exists here as is the norm?

We return to the waters edge and take our swim, armed with snorkels, there is really nothing to see, one can make out walls, predominantly time, nature and silt has hidden most over time. The search is cooling and interesting, I look at the fish, various sizes and colours and collect a couple of shells for Ann's collection. We then dry off and make our way back to the Purple House where we are greeted again with pleasant conversation, we enquire about a cold drink and lunch. We are told that the lunch would take an hour to prepare, we have no time constraints so we take a seat and explore our surroundings. The Purple House is on the Lycian Way walk, we had read about it and had previously met participants, the trek appears grueling but rewarding and, very popular from many nations.

They set about our food and we chat with the owner and his family, the property has been in their family for generations, at one time they owned all the land locally but sold off sections over time. They use external ovens for cooking, using the mass of olive wood for fuel, the property offers every thing one could require, they can even give you a tent if you would rather sleep under canvas rather than in one of their rooms? The original house is over two hundred years old, modified by the generations, they have to create most of what they need, supplies can be brought by boat if needed - very interesting, to us anyway?

We are sat in a small, covered area which, we are told, doubles as a play pen for there small son, a larger seating area sits off to the north of us near the kitchen area and stove, further arriving guest are sat there?

It so happens that today there are people, running the Lycian Way walk, they are described as "nutters" by two passing German walkers, certainly a difficult task? There are a a full film crew, the race is to be broadcast on Turkish TV, lead runners had passed some four hours earlier we were told?

Our meal was by now ready, we had been talking to film crew, runners and of coarse our hosts, Ann turned to me and said "This is what I need Kevin - humans!" "What am I then?" I enquired - little was said during lunch??? The meal was delicious, cous cous, we thought, and vegetables, all traditional, cooked in the traditional way.

We took our time over lunch, plenty going on around us to more than occupy our minds, cats with kittens, a puppy and at one stage cattle entered the gate. There was a mad scurry of activity, chasing them back out, apparently they eat their vegetables and any thing else they can get a hold of!

The Purple House, and it's occupants are amazing people to talk to, the services they offer would interest lots of different people we felt?

To contact them: email: aperial_turkey@hotmail.com or visit www.aperial.com

We sit for some time and allow our food to digest before returning back to where we had left our dinghy, not boarding without first some liquid refreshment to battle dehydration - a great end to the day?


Log Entry Sunday September - a day of rest, but Ann insists on baking cakes!

As all knows, Ann is a terrific cook, she decided to spoil me with home made, chocolate chip cakes, a recipe handed down through her family - perfect, nothing more to say which is unusual for me I know!


Log Entry Saturday 24th September - we visit the local restaurant "Fisherman Inn" to support the local economy?

It's Saturday, the weekend, time to take a break from the weekday toil, we plan to take our break at the Fisherman Inn at the head of our bay? We check out the establishment in the afternoon to see if it is open in the evening and if so, discuss the menu? It is fixed, fish, chicken or meatballs, salad, chips and bread - the price 20Tl/person (£8). We are asked to order now "as they have to cook it?" this is clearly a test of commitment as when we returned that evening they had not even started cooking?

We arrive at 1930 as promised and are helped out of our dinghy, we choose a table on the water side, after Ann's first glass of raki she notices a gentleman under cover putting on his camouflage gear - you know what she is like when she has had a drink? I order my second diet coke! Our waiter speaks good English, we enquire as to what they are shooting as we had heard numerous gunshots over the last couple of days? It is explained that they are chasing a bird, a delicacy, the name of which I could not pickup, they are en route south for the winter? Ann and the guy and his shotgun walked off into the hillside, that was the last I saw of Ann, I had a drink with the later guy over dinner - Only joking - obviously!

The fish was good, the restruant pretty quiet, but it is the end of September, we discuss many topics with the waiter, he learnt his English on ships traveling between Greece, USA and UK. He know lives on a sailboat, he is friendly with the owner, so, he moors his boat on the pontoon and works in the restaurant, he has a number of relationships like this along this section of coast so he moves around them - very nice!

As darkness falls we are joined by two groups of four, one from Aperli, a small port, twenty minutes walk over the ridge? His English is also very good, we exchange conversation, in fact he clears our table as our waiter has his dinner - everyone, but us, serve themselves to drinks, not sure how that works? We finish off and spent a further hour or so involved in a couple of conversation, this restaurant too is suffering badly due to the lack of business - sign of the times they called it?


Log Entry Friday 23rd September - The electrical storm missed us last night, more coming over the next couple of days?

We had a better nights sleep last night, the passing electrical storms missed us completely although our skies were illuminated by the lightening in the distance for most of the night, none any closer than five miles or more? We woke to the local sounds we enjoy so much, the sound of the birds one never seem to see, and, of coarse the goats belonging to the small restaurant at the head of the bay. They wander back and forth on the hillside alongside us, the sound of their bells giving away their positions to us and all. This morning the sound of gun shots could be heard, echoing around the hillside - shooting at what ever?

We know for sure that we are sharing our bay with at least one loggerhead turtle? Over the coarse of the day we have seen a turtle surface 15 - 20 times for air, I spent a good hour laying perfectly still in the water trying to get a closer view of it/them? I was disturbed by that immortal cry "There she blows!" not wanting to be deterred, I searched a little longer then climbed out of the water before I was harpooned by some one, too many French boats around?


Log Entry Thursday 22nd September - The storm continued through the night, another boat collides with Sailaway.

We were again woken by thunder and lightening, I got out of bed to sit and watch our position from the cockpit, some call it "anchor watch", it is difficult to hear the alarm sound should it go off, when in bed?.

I looked at the clock, it was about 0530 hours, day light was just breaking, as I climbed into the cockpit the squall was already moving us violently. I looked to our starboard side to see the port, rear quarter of another sailboat bounce off us hard, the boat then spun, it's starboard rear quarter then hitting us, not quite as hard before, it then flew past us? I was so confused by it's speed and as I could see no one on deck I at first thought we were dragging? I called Ann up but she was already on her way, due to the noise the boat had made as it had hit us. The boat was now 50 - 100 meters past us but we could now see people on deck, taking control of their situation and later, rescuing their dinghy which had broken free. We rechecked our position, our anchor had held fast, then we both accessed the damage to Sailaway, believe it or not we could not find any, we were very lucky?

We could see there were now four adults up on deck of the drifting boat, they were able to raise their anchor, rescue their dinghy and began to make their way back to their original position - in front of us, the skipper waves as they pass.

The squall was a short one and the sun follows, the sound of goat bells are heard once again, our friend watches over us from above?


Log Entry Wednesday 21st September - We leave Finike and begin to make our way back slowly west, to our winter berth.

The morning begins early in Finike Harbour, we sit having our breakfast watching the working boats returning after their night at sea.

We are to leave today, once we have accessed the weather and the risk to the forecasts inaccuracy? Sailaway sits ready, again, we were to leave yesterday, the winds were forecast to be light. We were a little late getting ready but no big deal as it worked in our favour, the afternoon brought the winds, far, far stronger than light, believe me. Finike is some what of a sad place, very empty full of boats that do not move, used as floating caravans and boats for sale? There comes a time for all when "enough is enough" as a result - boats for sale, usually at a very, very, good price as keeping them here costs money? There is a little bit more activity at the moment, as people are already arriving to "winter" their boats - wimps!

I return after a brief trip to the shop and to pay for our extra night, the staff in the office are clearly concerned as every time you go in you are asked "where are you wintering your boat?" I widen the conversation, asking them why they have just increased their prices by 50%? The staff blame management, who do not listen obviously, and continue to tell me how many boats they have lost to Greece? The above picture shows how many residents they have in floating caravans by the number of satellite dishes. Ann has chatted to many of them, all discontented as some of them have been here for years but are now looking to move? I would question that in some cases, when looking at the boats and owners? The main problem is "greed" as usual, one company has bought most of the marinas and have franchises on the harbours, Kalkan, Kas etc. They have increased all prices significantly - Turkey is becoming the place to leave for boaters!

Once back to Sailaway we are ready to leave in minutes, and do, soon putting Finike and it's suburbs behind us. There is no wind, again they are forecast to be light but who knows?

The forecasters did a good job today, the winds were so light they could barely keep our sails full especially with the remaining, long pitched swell of up to two meters left from yesterdays blow? We continued slowly on, our destination, Kekova Roads was not too far away, hopefully we would get there ahead of the forecast showers?

We sailed on, passed by numerous boats from both directions all motoring, we have no such pressures, as long as we were moving we kept the engine off!

By the time we reached Andraki, we had no option but to start the engine which brought on it's own issues - the throttle control arm broke, we continued on with a "bodge" as I call it. We now had a set of grips as a throttle control arm, but it worked, we keep wondering when our luck is to change we have had so many breakages this year? With the entrance to the Roads ahead of us, and the numerous day trip boats from Andraki we motored on. We were a little surprised as to how many trip boats were still operating so late in the year?

We soon passed "Ashil Adasi" and it's "Blue Cave, one trip boat could be seen pushing it's nose in, three behind awaiting their turn to impress the tourists? It was not long before we passed Kale Köy, it's impressive castle watching over the Roads, our destination was Polemos Bükü, down to the far south south of the Roads.

We arrived in time, the small bay had about five boats at anchor and three berthed on the restaurants pontoon. We set our anchor and settle ourselves in, a quick look at the throttle mechanism puts it onto our "winter jobs list" what we have works, it may not look pretty, but it works? Over dinner the clouds darken and thicken, must be the showers they forecast we thought, so we put up our bini to give us more shelter from the pending rain. It was just after darkness had fallen when we were hit by a fierce electrical storm, rainfall was so dense we could hardly make out the end of our boat, the squalls it brought spun us like a cork? If this was "Turkish showers" I would hate to see their storms? The sky was decorated with lightening strikes for almost two hours, I have to say under our bini it did not distract us from our movie, once it passed, and the movie finished, we retired to bed for the evening.

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