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Turkey III - Göçek and Fethiye.

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Turkey II - Göçek and Fethiye.



Captain Eddy Chandlery - You may have, or will read that we used this well establish company in Fethiye and had issues? The organisation to us was fast to deliver a solution to our problem, although it was not correct? Once the issue was raised they were very evasive, did not return calls etc? It took us, "an indirect path" to resolve our issue and once the corrective action was agreed it took repetitive visits to conclude fully - Beware!
(If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.)



Log Entry Wednesday 10th August - Our Battery replacement saga continues holding us in Fethiye!

It is so frustrating to be dealing with people who continuously break promises, even more difficult when the goods are paid for! Our battery purchase from "Captain Eddy's" here in Fethiye has been a fiasco, originally getting them to admit that they have supplied us with the wrong batteries then organising the replacements? I personally have had to get the manufacturer in the USA involved and today, their main distributor in Istanbul. The replacements were pledged for today, but the wrong ones were delivered, we had changed from gel to flooded providing us with 40% more capacity - no one listens any more? My discussion with the distributor today at least fills us with confidence that some one at last has ownership of our issue? BEWARE!

The solution now looks to hold us here for another few days, we also have to renew our visa, we have been in Turkey for almost 90 days already. The easiest way is to take take the fast ferry over to Rhodes and return the same day, this will give us another 90 day visa that will last us until we return to the UK in November.

Still, in situations like these the only thing one can do is celebrate, knowing most of the establishments around we decide to jump in the dinghy and head across the bay to "Yes Marina" to check it out?

One can only say, the setting, staff and food were perfect, the wine probably a little too good!


Log Entry - A few late shots added from when the kids were with us.

These pictures were taken with a disposable under water camera, they turned out great. There was none of Trish but she was probably in the hammock asleep at the time they were taken?


Reece was becoming quite the little "under water kid" by the end of the holiday.


Log Entry Friday 5th August - a new arrival on board!

The day seemed quite normal for us, we are to revisit the Yacht Hotel pontoon tomorrow to discuss spending the winter there? We have the need for a couple of things from the town, but other than the usual cold drink some where those were the only plans we had?

While walking around the supermarket Ann got her eyes upon a waste bin in the shape of a penguin. We had been considering a closed to bin for some time due to "bugs and stuff"?

Ann took to it straight away, she even named him "Happy Feet" - I must admit I told the check out lady that the choice of "Happy feet" was clearly Ann's not mine? She laughed and answered "it's lovely", what chance did I stand?


Log Entry Wednesday 3rd August - We make our way back to Fethiye.

We need to return to Fethiye, there is an issue with the batteries we had been supplied with there - they are the wrong ones?

We leave the anchorage quite early, the plan was to pass through the south east channel before the prevailing winds developed, this would make our journey much easier. The sea forecast was showing winds of Force 5 - 7, so a good sail across to Fethiye was expected once we got through the channel?

It was 1000 hours but little movement was evident as yet, we saw the guy who took Lee water skiing, we thought at first it was Lee, but he was staying up right far too long? Clearly private lessons for some one we guessed being miles from any resort or boat in fact?

We cleared the channel under motor without a breath of wind, where was the forecast winds now?

The winds then began to develop, up went our sails and off went the engine. Not wanting to repeat myself too often, it is amazing to see so many sailboats motoring, not using good winds at all?

We traveled more or less a direct coarse toward Fethiye, the mountains unfortunately covered with the usual heat haze?

As we cleared Tavsan, Delikliadalar and Kizil islands to the north of them we began to head inland, passing a nearby resort we caught the attention of a gent on a jet sky, he came well out to see us? The tourist traffic from Fethiye now began to develop also, many vessels all giving way as they should.

It was just as well as the wind had now stiffened we were making good time.

Soon the entrance to Fethiye harbour came into site through the mist, it was now just a case of making for the anchorage we knew and getting settled.


Log Entry Monday 1st August - We remain at Göçek, re-adjusting to life without Lee, Trish and the kids?

It does seem strange not have the boat so crowded, being quite adaptable we had changed our routine to suit the situation, it's now back to normal for us - what ever that is? Last night Ann got up to go to the toilet, she thought she saw Reece and Georgia asleep in the saloon - I suggested she takes more tonic with it?

We were sitting in the cockpit, "people watching" as one does? Not far from us an elderly couple had anchored nearby. In their preparation to go ashore some how the dinghy had been released from their boat and began to drift away in the wind. I (Kevin) saw this as an opportunity to do ones "good deed for the day?" I jumped into our dinghy and shot off in pursuit, the couple, unaware we had seen the situation develop shouted over for me to fetch their dinghy. I gave them a thumbs up, recovered it and returned it to it's rightful owners. They were extremely appreciative, and came over later that day with a couple of ice cold beers to say thank you!


Log Entry Friday 29th July - North to Gocek with a taxi and flight to catch.


We wake as normal and are under way for Göçek by 1000 hours, every one is quite sub dewed, good job Reece and Georgia were with us?

We make our way up Skopea Limani, hardly a breath of wind, motoring all the way.

We make our way into the anchorage once again, much easier a second time, when you know where you are going? We pop ashore, have lunch and book a taxi for the airport, all is good.

All that is left to do is for the kids to pack their stuff - hard to believe we got it all aboard in the first place?

Then when the time comes the worst part - the farewells, mummies always cry?

I believe they all enjoyed themselves, that was evident by the message left on our wipe board - looking forward to seeing them again?


Log Entry Thursday 28th July - Some fun on Domuz then further south, back to Sarsala Bay.

Our visitors fly back tomorrow (Friday) the plan was for them to take a taxi from Sarsala to Dalaman Airport, this gave them the maximum nights on board - great news for us all!

We had up graded our water toys, purchasing a large inflatable ring with grab handles for me to pull the kids around with the dinghy. They had great fun, it wore Trish out just watching?

We had Reece negotiate with the bread man, we thought he may have sneaked some of his chocolate pancakes in but he did not.

The small bay is relatively quiet and shallow where we are, we snorkel, plenty of fish around to watch. Unfortunately a snorkel was dropped over board in eight meters of water but I was able to recover it first dive? I was so proud of myself that I sent off and email to my diving instructor (Niko), telling him of my achievement? I got a mail back declaring I should be able to recover from fifteen meters?? I take the kids ashore to explore, we follow a dried up river bed into the hills, it is obviously full flowing in the rainy season. At one point we come across a deep well and a nearby man made water trough. Nearby "droppings" indicate it's usage by goats, some one is lifting the water from the well into the trough?

Other than that we spend a restful day aboard, occasionally cooling our selves in the water, Lee finishes his book, at one word a minute it takes some time?

When early evening arrives we pack away to make for Sarsala only a mile and a half away.

Once in Sarsala we take the last mooring buoy, there is a large gullet anchored nearby so Lee and I take a line ashore and tie up in the traditional way.

It's then off to the beach bar for dinner and a few beers, Lee books a taxi for tomorrow afternoon for the airport. As we are eating some one appears from the Taxi office (hut) to tell us the road is being closed at eight in the morning - we now have to return to Göçek to get a taxi - no big deal we have plenty of time.

The night goes on late, on as one might expect, last customers to leave once again?


Log Entry Wednesday 27th July - plenty of activity on the water in Boynüz Bükü, then off across to Domuz Ad (Domuz Island).

The oldest of the four kids (Lee) had been wanting a go on the water toys since they had arrived, winding the kids up every time the toys were seen in the distance. The guy came around us "selling his wares", it was now or never?

The price was discussed, agreed and the guy returned as promised, Reece and Georgia on the rings and Lee wanted to water ski, for the first time I might add? Buoyancy aids on, safety instructions issued (hold on that is) to Reece and Georgia they are the first to dare the ride!

They were dragged cautiously off into the distance, it looked like they were having great fun - not sure what happened to Ann's and my own ride, we were just not asked?

The kids came back, they had a great time, it was now Lee's turn to water ski, Trish, Reece and Georgia join him aboard the boat as observers and to offer support I guess?

Ann and I stood and watched Lee fall so many times we gave up and began the morning ritual of tidying away the sleeping arrangements giving us space to move below deck once again?

We watched Lee return two days later, obviously gaining the ability to stay up right, all had great fun, all worn out as they re board Sailaway - time for a nap for Trish before we move on?

We discover we had a problem with our holding tank where the toilet waste is pumped into, we needed to pump it out at sea as the holding tanks are force in the Limani, but there are no pump out stations. We make ready to move, Trish takes us out to empty the tank, the "cat nap" seemed to have done her good? Once our tank is empty we return to the Limani and make for a small cove in Domuz Island for the evening.


Log Entry Tuesday 26th July - We leave Göçek and head south to Boynüz Bükü.

We had decided to leave Göçek with an open mind as to where we would spend the evening, south into the Limani was the only destination we had?

We head south down the channel, saying good bye to Göçek, for the time being any way? Trish seems to be having a great time playing with the bini support straps - she must be exhausted after two nights in a hotel, if Georgia is correct?

We check out a couple of bays with Reece at the helm (steering to you land lubbers?) as we head south.

With the sails up all seemed quite relaxed, good job Reece and Georgia were with us? Eventually we decide to drop anchor in Boynüz Bükü west of the Vassica Adalari. It has a restaurant offering a berth on it's pontoon and water to it's customers. Lee and Trish seemed exhausted, must of been the air conditioning that kept them awake?


Log Entry Monday 25th July - Göçek, day two.

Ann and I rise early in the anchorage, it is busy, already we can seen vessels have come and gone? With only Reece and Georgia on board all seems very quiet, they slept quite late, obviously missing their Mum and Dad?

Lee and Trish were a little unhappy with their hotel last night so they call to say they have found another and we are allowed in the pool, we tidy up and make our way ashore with the kids.

The hotel is very pleasant, the pool very quiet with only a few guests around - they never knew what hit them when we arrived? It was not long at all until we were told to stop "splashing" - not much else to do in a pool? Still all enjoyed the cooling water, lunch was lovely.

Trish seemed still tired, perhaps Georgia was right as to why they wanted the hotel?


Log Entry Sunday 24th July - We move north to Göçek - Lee and Trish need a rest, Georgia tell's us different?

During last night Lee and Trish had said they would like to spend a couple of nights in a hotel to try and catch up on their sleep? Due to the heat, now high thirties even at night no one sleeps well, it is just too hot. Lee and Trish have been sleeping on deck on a made up bed but they declare a good night's sleep is needed "with air conditioning"? Georgia declares privately later "they probably just want to have sex!"

We had quite an amount of rubbish to get rid of before we leave, Georgia and I head ashore to dispose of it - I give her "dinghy lessons" on the return trip, she loves it.

We then pack away Sailaway ready to make the short trip north to Göçek, it's a good three hours, not too far?

We make nearby Göçek with no issues, our main concern was that all indications are that there is no anchoring allowed in the harbour, so we would be forced into a marina? We arrive to find that the marina's have been extended on both sides of the town however a small section still remains as an anchorage. We anchor in amongst many other craft in about 3.5 meters of water, not ideal as we are open to the prevailing winds making there way north through both channels from the south and south east. We find good holding and put out plenty of chain.

Lee declares "A drink ashore Kev to celebrate our safe arrival, it's tradition" - no idea where he gets that from?

We head ashore to a nearby waterside restaurant and have a few beers, we then have to find a hotel which is done quite easily. I take my turn entertaining the kids, joining them in intellectual conversation!

We have a brief walk around Göçek, a nice town with all the required facilities you would need from super markets to boat supplies.

With the number of children on board reduced by two, we have a quiet night.


Log Entry Saturday 23rd July - Sarsala Cove has a lot to offer?

We decide to spend more time in the cove, probably the best for snorkeling also?

The bay has a pleasant setting, surrounded by steep rugged hillside.

All take to the water, hours are passed very quickly, come late afternoon it's back to the beach bar again.

We hold a table, the kids and Ann take to the water, Lee, Trish, Reece and I watch as Ann chats with a local family and discuss their many trips to London.

Georgia talks Ann into jumping off a nearby wooden pier, we are not sure whether Georgia is trying to have fun with her Nan, or kill her, stiff Ann never says no!

Darkness falls and we return to Sailaway, we have to Ann is exhausted?


Log Entry Friday 22nd July - One week to go (not that I am counting the days?), we move on to Sarsala Cove.

It's time to move on, Sarsala Cove is only around the headland so we decide to spend the day sailing in the bay, the afternoon winds arrive like clock work.

We motor out of Deep Cove and put up the canvas, Lee and Trish are extremely helpful! Ann manages to take a little time off to enjoy the sail north up the bay, cooling their feet in the water as Sailaway makes her way through it.

It's then back into the galley for Ann - crew are hungry? The winds stiffen so a good sail north is enjoyed, we turn and then head south to Sarsala.

We sail right into the bay, our target, one of the free mooring buoys, Lee has the task of putting the rope through the buoy for his mum and catches it first time "good boy!" Ann calls?

Sarsala is certainly our favourite cove in the Limani, once Sailaway is secured we head ashore to the beach bar and dinner. Ann, Georgia and I try the stuffed mussels on offer on the beach, unfortunately the seller has to brake off from his volley ball game, but he does not seem too troubled?

Dinner and the evening goes well, too much eaten and drunk?

Georgia, Reece and I head off on one of their "beach toys" into the darkness, the trip is not too long, both kids are too tied to paddle?


Log Entry Thursday 21st July - Deep Bay

We wake a little late in the morning, first order of the day, swimming, we now have kids on board, all four of them need to be kept occupied!

Trish decides she is to take it easy in the hammock, after seeing some nearby kids being dragged around on floating toys, we improvise with an inflated airbed and our dinghy, keeps the two small kids happy for ages?

Of coarse, then the two older children want to play, Trish takes to it well, but I think it was a little too fast for Lee - he lost his pants?

Of coarse, poor Ann is not let out of the galley, as we sit and eat some thing is noticed floating in the water, we all make guesses as to what it actually is? It is finally recognised, it's my hat, blown off the deck by the afternoon winds, Lee retrieves it!

Of coarse now every one is exhausted, sleeps for all, well, except Ann as she has to keep her eye on Reece and Georgia?


Log Entry Wednesday 20th July - We leave Fethiye and head south to Deep Bay.

Once all are fed at breakfast, we leave Fethiye harbour and head south east into Skopea Limani, heading for Deep Bay. Ann gets little rest from the galley, someone is always thirsty or hungry?

Once we get out of the harbour we find good south westerly winds, up goes the canvas, the winds take us most of the way to Deep Cove.

Once there we pick up one of the many free mooring buoys.

Log Entry Tuesday 19th July - We leave the hotel pontoon and anchor off a small resort to the north of the harbour.


Once our anchor is set we visit the beach bar. "A celebratory drink to celebrate our safe arrival," it's tradition, Lee calls? Well the 300 meter trip is their first so we all agree! We decide a barbeque is in order for dinner this evening, this gives us a few hours to keep ourselves busy.

Lee and Trish have brought their old outboard engine over for us, twice as large as our existing - that keeps me and Lee busy? Trish has some "stuff" to do!

We take to the beach and Lee gets the barbeque going, Sailaway seems all alone out at anchor - probably enjoying the peace and quiet?

We finish the evening off back in the beach bar, the kids making use of their facilities?


Log Entry Monday 18th July - That great day eventually arrives, Lee Trish and the kids are here, HURRAY!

At last they arrive with light luggage, well it looked like at least half of it should have been "set a light any way", they have brought so much I am not sure they even know what they have? Still I cannot grumble, (but I do) as they bring us a larger out board engine for our dinghy and numerous bits for the boat, and of coarse tea and coffee! We decided to take the Yacht Classic Hotel up on it's offer and use there pontoon, of coarse this means we have to dine there, which is not such a bad thing?

Of coarse, another real positive is that you get to use the hotels facilities, the pool keeps us all cool, and "refreshed" through out the afternoon.

At dinner I am presented with a tee shirt, typical to that worn by many seadog's- dinner goes on a little late as one can imagine?


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