The Sailaway Logbook 2011

The objective of our logbook is to document our travels and experiences, allowing our family and friends (both of them!) to keep up to date with our progress. Our aim is to see "the real countries" as we travel, staying away from the heavily commercialised areas when ever possible. We hope you enjoy the content, any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.



We bring in the 2011 New Year in Vliho, Levkas in the Northern Ionian, our winter berth. In November of 2010, Sailaway was hauled out, cleaned down and anti fouled ready for the on ward journey east to Turkey. The Vliho Boatyard, known as "Maria's" was excellant, we would certainly return here to use it's services again.

We will start moving in January to make Turkey mid May, from here we will head south down the Peleponnese, across to Crete, Rhodes, and on to Turkey. Our early departure is driven by the seasonal weather, it will be extremely volatile and unpredictable which provides a special challenge to us.

Please use the links listed to follow our progress:

Greece - The Northern Ionian I (2nd Jan. - 14th Feb..)

Greece - The Northern Ionian II (19th Feb.. - 19th March)

Greece - The Southern Ionian (20th March - 20th April)

Greece - Crete (20th April - 16th May)

Greece - Rhodes (17th May - 21st May)

Turkey I - Marmaris Limani (22nd May - 30th June)

Turkey II - Gocek and Fethiye (1st July - 17th July)

Turkey III - Gocek and Fethiye (18th July - 10th August)

Turkey IV - Gocek and Fethiye (11th August - 26th August)

Turkey V - To the east of Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas & Kekova Roads (27th August - 4th September)

Turkey VI - To the east of Fethiye, Kekova Roads & Gökkaya Limani (4th - 15th September)

Turkey VII - To the east of Fethiye, Andraki and Finike (16th - 21st September)

Turkey VIII - Returning west, Finike to Kekova Roads (22nd September - 13th October)

Turkey IX - Returning west, Back to Gocek and Fethiye (13th October - Today)








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