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From Kilmore Quay we crossed back over the Irish Sea to Milford Haven, please use the following link to return to the England & Wales web page: England & Wales


Log Entry 13th April 2007

To make the tide between the south eastern tip of Ireland and Tuskar Rock we left Arklow at 5am, the trip to Kilmore Quay would take us approximately ten hours, following the east coast south. The weather was true to forecast, light and variable winds with plenty of sunny spells.

As day light broke, Ann prepared a healthy breakfast (Full English with extras). As the day developed the coast line remained misty but offshore the sun gain strength - suntan lotion a must. The early start and the warm weather took its toll on the crew!

Kilmore Quay is a beautiful, small town centred on the harbour, its existence clearly dependant on the Fishing and Tourist Industry. The local fish is excellent and very well priced. It was a key component of our diet through out our stay. The harbour has it own group of seals continuously feeding from within the harbour - clearly a great interest to children and visitors.


The amenities were limited, while registering our arrival with the Harbour Master I asked "Is there a cash machine locally, or do you take cards?". His reply was expected in one way, but reflective of the village, "We can take cards, we had a cash point machine once, no one used it so they took it away!" Fortunately we were armed with enough Euros, so we retired to one of the two pubs in the village (in costume) to quench our thirst - it's internal decor, itself kept us occupied for a few drinks!

Log Entry 10th April 2007

We continue to benefit from settled weather following the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, a good opportunity to re-visit Ireland on our way south. The forecast winds also show favour crossing the Irish Sea, effectively zigzagging to head south. The tides force an over night passage, leaving Caernarfon with the tide and 1400 hours, we arrived at Arklow (Ireland) in the early hours as planned. The 100m wide harbour entrance as difficult to identify as the pilotage suggests. We sit off shore for an hour, awaiting day break to give us a secure entry. We make our way into the marina, the office being un-manned at this early hour, we pick a berth and tie up. Following a tidy up, breakfast and a catch up on lost sleep, we re-visit "Kitty's" in the town for dinner and a good nights sleep follows.


.The town is traditional in a sense, with still strong associations with the sea as its history has shown. A noticeable fact is the lack of vessels in the water, empty moorings and berths. A constant reminder to us how lonely the waters are at this time of year.


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