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Dear Visitor,

Ann and I hope you enjoy the site, it has been created initially to keep our friends, and family informed of our progress and whereabouts, it has increased in popularity to over 4000 unique visitors per year? We hope it will continue to be of interest to you and many other people, be they dreamers, planners or just plain curious.

Like many sailors "with salt in their blood", the ultimate personal dream is to sail off into the sunset, enjoying the freedom to discover or interact with various cultures and their way of life. I must confess, we did not appreciate how many good friends we would make during our travels. This type of adventure has been our dream for many years before we final left in March 2007. Sailaway, a steel Bruce Roberts Offshore design was initially purchased in 1996 in Cork Ireland with that dream in mind. We have covered over 11,000 miles in total with Sailaway until now reaching Greece (The Ionian), 2011 will see further miles accrued.

The Sailaway Section - This section describes our home and transport, we left our "old life" knowing our requirements would be continuously changing, a position quite often never achieved by those who dream it. Sailaway therefore continues to change to serve those requirements. To visit this section you can either use the traditional links st the top of the page or use this link "Sailaway".

The Crew Section - This section gives an incite into how the dream came about and developed onto a reality. To visit this section you can either use the traditional links at the top of the page or use this link "Crew".

The Logbook, is effectively a documentation of our adventures, the places we visit along with our experiences and the people we meet. This section for simplicity is subdivided into year, countries or territories. To visit the content of these sections you can either visit the traditional links at the top of the page or use this link "Logbook".

The Route Listing is the final section in which we document our whereabouts', position. distanced traveled. To visit this section you can either use the traditional links at the top of the page or use this link "Route Listing".


Our plans for 2011

The winter of 2010 has been spent in Vliho, on the Island of Levkas, in the Greek Ionian. This winter we will not be spending the traditional 5/6 months in a marina, our stay is planned to be only a few months on the town quay, leaving in January. The winters are much milder in the Ionian, a lot wetter, but defiantly milder. The close proximity of the Greek Islands provides far less potential exposure to foul weather. This winter saw a couple of useful modifications made to Sailaway, additional storage created primarily to store my recently acquired diving gear. The second significant "add on" was an anchor chain wash. A sea water flush to clean the predominantly muddy chain as we recover our anchor, quite an issue in this part of the Med. This modification was extended to incorporate a deck wash hose to allow us to wash down our stern anchor as we go "bow too" in ports and harbours. This was in addition to the usual running repairs and required maintenance. We did spoil our selves with a new flat screen tv - sign of age?

We continue to learn on our travels that absolute plans are difficult to make, circumstances are continuously changing, our plan is to continue south towards Crete, east to Rhodes then onto the Dalaman region of Turkey. There we will meet up (in mid May) with our youngest daughter and family, accompanying Jane and Gary will be my (Kevin's) mother. This will be the first time mother will have been abroad in over 40 years - "Good Luck Jane & Gary!" Gary's parents will also be there so it will be quite a gathering?

After May we have no plans at all but some thing will turn up? Our advice to "dreamers", re-in forced by the unfortunate happenings of 2010, continues to be "do it, before you cannot!" Rest assured when restrictions develop in life, what ever they are, there be little or no warning.

Our general rule as we enter our fifth year continues to be, find a place of interest and move on when the interest no longer exists. We will, we hope to continue making lots of new friends of all nationalities, both travelers like us and "locals" where we visit.

It is our intension to answer communications when ever internet access is available during our travels, so, if we seem slow to respond, please be patient we will get to you as soon as we are able.

Best Regards

Kevin & Ann Costello





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