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Dear Visitor,

Ann and I hope you enjoy the site, it was created initially to keep our friends, and family informed of our progress and whereabouts. Our followers reside in all counties of the world, Europe, has always been strong, the USA, Asia and Eastern Europe continues, with an emerging interest from Japan and Russia. We hope the contents will continue to be of interest to you and many others, be they dreamers, planners or just plain curious, it is clearly a mixture of individuals, moving through both recent and historic data. Our recent, lack of activity is reflective in our follows, we hope that will increase again as we get ourselves mobile again in time? I have a personal task to do, to continue to increase the amount of mobile views.

Like many sailors "with salt in their blood", the ultimate dream is to sail off into the sunset, enjoying the freedom to discover or interact with various cultures and their way of life. I must confess, we did not appreciate how many good friends we would find, or would continue to make during our travels. Our current life style was our dream for almost 12 years before we final left the UK in March 2007, our departure repetitively delayed for mainly "career opportunities". Sailaway, a steel, Bruce Roberts, Offshore design was initially purchased in 1996 in Cork, Ireland with that dream in mind. We have covered a grand total of just over 24,000 sea miles in total since 1996.

Last year (2018) saw Kevin have both his knees replaced, this year remains a little uncertain with regard to Kevin's required work on his spine, a MRI Scan revealing that he has 3 prolapsed discs, one in his neck and two in his lower back - surgery required but the soonest we can see a surgeon is mid-February 2019, then the weight for surgery!

Well, our plan for 2019 varies, firstly we need to test the "new knees", we will drive down to Carloforte (Isola San Pietro, Sardinia) in November 2018, spending the Christmas and New year aboard. We are sure Sailaway will have missed Ann's paint brush, so work will be needed after our 14 month period away from her? There will be cosmetic aspects and the "haul out" her bottom cleaned, re-antifouled and re-launched. Where will be question? We have agreed to take 2019 easy, we must drive back to the UK for my February appointments, then, depending on the results of the appointments, unsure when we will return and, what we will be able to do?


The Sailaway Section - This section describes our home and transport, we left our "old life" in 2007 knowing our requirements would be continuously changing, a position quite often never achieved by those who dream of it. Sailaway therefore continues to change to serve those requirements. This section is a little dated, I pledge in time, to update to our "current" Sailaway. To visit this section you can either use the traditional links at the top of each page or use this link "Sailaway".

The Crew Section - This section gives an incite into how the dream came about and developed into a reality. To visit this section you can either use the traditional links at the top of the pages or use this link "Crew".

The Logbook, is effectively a documentation of our adventures, the places we visit along with our experiences and the people we meet. This section for simplicity is subdivided into year, countries or territories. To visit the content of these sections you can either visit the traditional links at the top of the pages or use this link "Logbook".

The Route Listing is the final section in which we document our whereabouts', position. distanced travelled. To visit this section you can either use the traditional links at the top of the pages or use this link "Route Listing".


Our personal message to our readers continues to be "Do it, before you cannot!" Rest assured when situations develop in life, what ever they are, there be little or no warning at times. Defining them as challenges help you work out a way through, it is impossible at times to see what is around the next corner!

Our general rule as we enter our 12th year of "wandering"continues to be, find a place of interest and move on when the interest no longer exists. As we continue to drive across Europe it gives us more opportunities to both visit friends and "explore by road". We will, we hope, to continue making lots of new friends of all nationalities, both travellers like us and the "locals" where we visit.

It is our intention to answer communications whenever internet access is available during our travels, so, if we seem slow to respond, please be patient we will get to you as soon as we are able.

Our very best regards

Kevin & Ann Costello





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